Give Water

Your involvement is critical to meeting our goal of drilling 10 new deep-water wells in this neglected Kumi/Ngora area in Uganda. Success will mean that thousands of villagers will have will have access to clean water for the first time.

Prison Ministry

Evangelism is an important part of our ministry in Uganda. Our ministry partners visit 6 different prisons on a regular basis in the Tororo area. Donors to BBI help fund outreach and services to these prisons in the name of Jesus Christ.


Goats 4 Orphans

One female goat costs $50. Our goal is to provide 100 goats to needy children near each of our 12 deep-water wells that now exist. So, our goal is to raise $5,000 for each wellsite goat distribution.


Your involvement is critical to our goal of establishing 3 full scholarships for talented students from our ministry area of Kumi/Ngora in Uganda. A donation of any size will hep fund a $1500 full year Christ-centered scholarship for a talented but needy student from our ministry area of Kumi/Ngora district.


Healthcare Access

$25 can purchase meds for one malaria treatment. $50 can purchase one mattress for a child's hospital bed. $100 can pay for several xrays and scans. $500 can purchase meds for the pediatric clinic for several months.

Where Most Needed

A donation directed to "Where Most Needed" will help Burning Bush continue to administer to the hurting in Uganda. We appreciate all donations and encourage you to invite your friends and family to participate as well.