Individual & Family Giving

A few bucks can save lives in Uganda. I know it is a trite thing to say but for the cost of a Starbucks coffee a life was saved in Uganda during my one of my first trips. While praying with patients at the Tororo Hospital we came across a young man in a great deal of pain. He had been injured on his job but didn’t have relatives in the area and was too poor to pay for his prescribed antibiotics. The infection was spreading rapidly. It happened that I had a $5 bill in my pocket. I gave it to our partner, Eric Sabiiti, who was able to purchase the medicine for him. I later found out the patient recovered and was able to return to his job.

We have many stories like this. One shouldn’t think that big donations are the only ones that count. Right now, some school children are collecting spare change for our Give Water…Give Life clean water project. A Densani water bottle filled with nickels, dimes, and quarters adds up to about $60. A hundred school children doing this can provide a deep-water well to the village of Kobwin, Uganda

When your family or friends have a birthday, why not consider giving a female goat to an orphan in their name.  One female goat ($50) can turn into five or six in a couple of years, providing nutritious milk and a business of selling excess milk in the local market.   In the future, a herd of animals, which started with one female goat, can be sold off to pay for high school and university fees. 
Believe me this works, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

The examples are endless.

• Check with your employer to see if they have a Matching Funds program.

• Turn an upcoming athletic event at work into a fundraiser

• Members of local service clubs can conduct easy to administer dinners at local restaurants that benefit Burning Bush or one of our special projects.

• For example, the El Centro Kiwanis Club and the California-Nevada- Hawaii Kiwanis District are helping with funds to renovate a seven classroom school that educates over 600 students in Nyamongo, Uganda.

• A monthly giving program can be setup through our website using your Paypal account or by using your credit card in a security-safe way.

Isn’t it more fun to give than to receive?  More stuff, more storage, more insurance, more waste…
Especially when you know 100% of the gift will get to its intended purpose and reported back to you
through our website and newsletters.