LIU Scholarship Profiles 2017

Meet Our Three Livingstone International University Scholars

Our “Kickstarting Hope & Opportunity” strategy has focused on the Ngora/Kumi area for the last several years.  Much progress has been made to bring clean water, nutrition and educational support to this region.  One of our projects in support of education has been the establishment of three scholarships to Livingstone International University (LIU) in Mbale, Uganda.  

LIU was founded in 2012 and is affiliated with the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the United States.  The university “exists to transform Africa through high quality, Christ-centered higher education.” 

These three scholarships are made available to talented but under-served students who come from the Ngora/Kumi school systems, public or private.  Here are short profiles of the 2017/2018 scholarship recipients:

Florence Anyago

Florence is the second of five children.  The family depends entirely on the mother who is a subsistence farmer.  The father is limited in his ability to care for the family due to his being partially blind.  Florence attended schools in this region and recently graduated from Ngora high school.  She has always been dedicated to her education and is looking forward to attending LIU in the Fall.  She is interested in accounting and finance and would like to join a non-profit organization or educational institution after graduating from LIU.


Julius Okoboi

Julius comes from an area near Kumi.  He is the second of four children.  When very young, Julius and his siblings became orphans when his father committing suicide and his mother left the family.  The aunt took in the four children doing her best to provide for them and for her own children.  He almost had to drop out of school after completing the 7th grade due to the economic circumstances of the expanded family.  Because he was showing much promise, the high school allowed him to stay while paying minimal fees.  He is grateful for this scholarship and is majoring in Education.  His goal is to be a university lecturer if he can complete a Master’s program, following his graduation from LIU.


Francis Issa

Francis comes from a village in the Kumi district.  He is the youngest of nine children.  He is the only one in his family to have graduated from high school.  Most children don’t pursue an education beyond the seventh grade due to the economic pressure put on children to help their family survive.  At LIU he will be pursuing a degree in education, hoping to become a “reputable” English teacher.  He is very excited about being admitted to Livingstone International University.