Hellen Awiat was convicted of battery against her neighbor's maid over a dispute between them. She was sentenced to eight months in the women's prison at Morukatipe Prison near Tororo, Uganda. She was a widow with several young children.

This trip's visit to Morukatipe Prison was especially emotional.  Prison management doesn't allow pictures  to be taken except for the handing over of soaps and other personal hygiene items, see photos.  We met a large group of prisoners inside a large building while a heavy rain fell outside. 

A few weeks ago I travelled to Uganda with Burning Bush International. The experience filled me with a renewed desire to rely on God’s promises.  Coming from the western church, I saw the intense desperation of the people in Africa for the things of God. 

Sports and Evangelism works in all countries.  These rugged soccer balls will afford us many opportunities to meet young people in Uganda and share our faith with them.