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Health Care Success Story - Little Briget Birungi

“Briget is a 9 year old girl who lives with her mother, a single parent after the divorce with the father.  Briget developed a small wound in her right arm which was taken lightly by her mother.  She suffered with much pain for two years without proper medical help. When she came to the Tororo main hospital the doctor discovered she was suffering from chronic oestomolitis. 

A disease that results from accumulation of bacteria in the body, as explained by the doctor.

Briget’s bone had been eaten by the bacteria, requiring an operation due to poor wound management in the early stages.  This operation would be expensive and the mother would have to fund antibiotics, x-rays and syringes for her treatment, gloves, gauze, plaster, and wound dressing.  All of which was way beyond what the mother could afford.

The wound had become septic with a lot of discharge. This little girl was in great pain and needed relief.  Christian Foundation For Community Development  (CFCD) with support from BBI did a great job in giving hope to Briget.  We were able to take her for x- rays which showed great damage of the bone that needed to be removed.  She was referred to Mbale regional hospital for proper management and operation by specialized orthopedic surgeons.

CFCD/BBI provided all requirements to support the operation which was successful.  We also supplied the antibiotics necessary after the operation.  Today Briget is one of the people who have testimonies to the support of BBI and Christian foundation.”

Written by Eric Sabiit: