Our Commitment

It all started in 2008

Commitment of our Founders

Burning Bush International was formed in 2012 as a 501c(3) but Jim and Nancie have been involved in fundraising for humanitarian and evangelism projects in Uganda since 2008.  
On their first trip they saw a great need and quickly realized how a little effort could save many lives and improve the health of thousands.

Since 2008 many people have benefitted from the partnership between Burning Bush and Eric Sabiiti:
 • Thousands of prisoners have heard a gospel message and hundreds have responded
 • A medical clinic has been built that is serving children from the Karamojong tribe
 • Deep-water wells have brought clean water to neglected villages in northern Uganda
 • 200 female goats have been placed with orphaned and needy children
 • Medical care is being provided to the indigent at a public hospital in Tororo
 • Nutritious meals are bring provided to hospital and aid clinic patients
 • Many children are receiving treatment at a nutrition center
 • A primary school in Nyamongo is being renovated benefiting over 600 students
 • Hundreds of students at a Entebbe Christian school are benefiting from new textbooks
 • A gospel message is being brought to  thousands of prisoners